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The project includes activities related to active protection of wetland ecosystems in the "Bór na Czerwonem" (Czerwone bog woodland) nature reserve, enhancement of spatial management and land management methods in the entire area of ​​Orawsko-Nowotarskie Peatlands, as well as increasing social awareness on wetlands in order to reduce anthropogenic pressures thereon.

Active protection of valuable wetland habitats in the "Bór na Czerwonem" reserve (Ramsar area, part of the Orawsko-Nowotarskie Peatlands) in the Nowy Targ County (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) - established to protect the raised bog and the bog woodlands surrounding its dome.

  • construction of infrastructure improving water conditions (preventing water runoff) of the peatbog – series of dams and locks, as well as the modernization of a retention dike,
  • pine tree clearance (removing undesirable succession),
  • construction and modernization of tourist infrastructure preventing anthropogenic pressure in the reserve area: construction and/or renovation of wooden footbridges, construction of a roofed shelter for tourists, installation of information boards.

Comprehensive nature monitoring of selected abiotic and biotic parameters of the bog with the use of modern technologies.

  • development of a hydrogeological model of the peatbog,
  • hydrogeological analyses based on the network of water level control piezometres,
  • monitoring of abiotic and biotic elements in the scope of: (1) geomorphology, (2) soil, (3) botany, (4) entomology, (5) herpetology - with particular emphasis on the yellow-bellied toad and the Carpathian newt; (6) ornithology, including the installation of photo-traps;
  • monitoring of land cover changes - based on the drone scanning of the terrain.

Our partner, the Nature and Human (Przyroda i Człowiek) Foundation, is responsible for the above-mentioned activities related to active protection and environmental monitoring.

Enhancement of land management in the five municipalities where the entire complex of Orawsko-Nowotarskie Peatlands is located, addressed to local governments, land owners and users and other stakeholders having an impact on land management and sustainable use of biological diversity.

Supporting sustainable spatial management, decision-making processes and proper land use in municipalities in the Orawsko-Nowotarskie Peatlands is crucial for their protection. For this purpose, two-day workshops have been planned for representatives of local governments, other institutions and organizations, as well as private owners and / or users of land - that is, individuals and entities that have a significant impact on land management in the area of ​​Orawsko-Nowotarskie Peatlands (Natura 2000 site) and their immediate surroundings, which impact upon their state of preservation.

Educational campaign addressed to school youth and adults, concerning the role and importance of wetlands and the methods of their protection.

1) educational activities aimed at local primary schools:

  • a teacher training seminar preparing to conduct classes with pupils from the Orawsko-Nowotarskie municipalities;
  • series of field environmental education classes for school youth (in 5 municipalities covered by the Project).

2) extracurricular environmental education for tourists and families, under which two educational kits will be prepared and available at the local State Forestry authority to be used for nature interpretation on how the peatland ecosystem functions, e.g. how peat accumulation occurs, as well as how the peat moss looks and stores water, and how hydrological measurements are carried out. Other educational materials on wetlands will also be made available.

UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre is responsible for the aforementioned soft activities – supporting management activities in municipalities and the educational campaign.

Cooperation with the Norwegian Partner

Asplan Viak AS is a long-term partner of UNEP/GRID-Warsaw – the creator of the Adaptive geoportal used in the Project. Cooperation in the Project will draw on the Partner's know-how regarding the use of remote sensing and geoinformation in the context of the protection of valuable peatlands and will include:

1) a study visit of the Project representatives and key stakeholders (regional directorate for environmental protection in Kraków, of State Forests - Nowy Targ authority) in Norway, which will include:

- thematic meetings: with a Partner, a representative of the Norwegian Environment Agency and the County Governor of Vestfold and Telemark, involved in the research and protection of wetlands (including in the context of climate change);

- a field trip to visit Norwegian peat bogs and investigate on-site the issues of their conservation and restoration;

2) ongoing technology partnership;

3) participation of the Norwegian participants in the final Project conference for the exchange of know-how.

Disseminating the results on an international scale, mainly among the remaining Carpathian countries (support for the implementation of the Carpathian Convention).

Information campaign to disseminate results of the Project among its target groups:

  • media campaign - including study trips for journalists from local and industry media as well as social media influencers (blogs, etc.);
  • series of media publications on wetlands;
  • final Project conference - Project stakeholders from Poland and abroad (Norwegian partner, Carpathian countries).
  • national and international events related to with the implementation of the Carpathian Convention (Conference of the Parties, meeting of the National Steering Committee, etc.).
  • Project geoportal – sharing and disseminating nature-related spatial data;
  • networking with other projects on a similar subject; participation in national and international events on topics consistent with the objectives and theme of the Project.
Project secretariat:

UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre
21 Poznańska Street, apartment 29
00-685 Warsaw, Poland
tel. (22) 840 6664
Project coordinator:

Piotr Mikołajczyk
Working together for a green Europe
„Carpathians Unite Conservation of Orawsko-Nowotarskie Peatlands” benefits from a 849 910 EUR grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants. The aim of the project is to protect valuable natural habitats: a raised bog and marshy forest communities in its vicinity, located in the Czerwone bog woodland nature reserve (one of the Polish Ramsar sites), as well as other wetland ecosystems in the Orawsko-Nowotarskie Peatlands complex. Co-financing from the state budget amounts to 149 984 EUR.
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